All signs are custom fabricated for the individual customer. We can work from your preexisting designs, including modification for distance viewing, or we can take your preconceptions and design for you, including logos to be used for other forms of advertising.


Any artwork can be imprinted directly onto thin lexan plastic to create clear, durable bookmarks. We can also produce magnetic bookmarks that clip onto the current page.

Bumper Stickers and other Decals

Rated for 5 year durability in full sun, our bumper stickers can be customized to fulfill anyone’s wish.  We apply any number of colors, even full photographic pictorials and letters, onto our high quality vinyl to create a decal or a set of decals for the window, the car, or the scrapbook.

Cabin Signs

Most often, but not necessarily carved or sandblasted wood (or HDU), these signs generally depict the name of your cabin, your family name, or your house address, or perhaps artwork sandblasted in relief.


Garden chimes can be created in numerous themes, mixing the techniques of casting, welding, and blacksmithing with etched glass or other sun catchers that catch the light while displaying – perhaps butterflies or hummingbirds – or something particularly suited to the gardener.


We create numerous types of coasters, too many to enumerate here.  To name a few:  We have etched glass coasters, leather coasters, and plastic coasters.  We even have a unique coaster that combines a crocheted plastic shell (waterproof) with a traditional crocheted inset (absorbent) which wraps around the glass, leaving the surface dry wherever the glass is set.

Cutting Boards

These full color glass cutting boards are available in over 700 different fine art versions.  OR you can provide your own artwork.  I even have one with a photograph of my Grandsons.  Just consider the possibilities!


Once a prototype is created or found, three dimensional figurines can be replicated in any quantity. For example: gilded angels for the tables at a wedding reception.


We etch glasses with monograms and/or simple designs. The designs are permanent and glasses are dishwasher proof.


A number of different crafts contribute to our assortment of jewelry.  We offer beaded earrings, micro-crocheted necklaces, and pieces that display artwork prints …The list is endless.  Two favorite examples:  “Mermaid’s Tears” made from salvaged sea glass polished by years adrift in the ocean and enamel pendants and earrings, made during interactive kiln firing.

Key Chains

“Worry Wort” (a,cartoon character who does “all your worrying for you”); motivational or amusing quotes; cute little crocheted monsters; pretty pictures … You never know what we may have in stock.


An inventive and interactive toy, our marionette stands about 4 feet tall.  Hand made from recaptured materials, they can be made to order or purchased from stock.


Mirrors make a room look larger.  In either silver or gold, they can be created plain, framed, and/or decorated.  They can contain a quote across the face; a single rose, a bevy of quail in one corner, a company logo … The possibilities are … endless!


Often used to identify items such as cars or briefcases, these designs can be produced in vinyl, gold leaf, or any other medium desired. Entwining the monograms of the bride and groom makes a unique wedding gift.


Whether a simple tree branch or a complex landscape, a mural can become the focal point of a room. Our murals can be hand painted or computerized vinyl on the wall or on a banner surrounded by a frame, making it removable.

Note Cards

Sometimes, life just requires a hand written note.  We carry note cards, packaged in sets of six.  The possibilities include John Findlater’s entire portfolio as well as an assortment of creative quotes

Plaques and awards

Plaques or wall hangings can be anything from gold leaf on glass to computerized vinyl. They can have inspirational quotes, pictorial renditions, favorite poetry, or …. Possibilities limited only by limitations on imagination.

Rocking Horses, Marionettes, and other Toys.

We hand make rocking horses… or elephants … or giraffes. These wooden toys are specifically weighted to be difficult to overturn when riding. We also make bean bag targets, marionettes (from reclaimed materials), and other toys reminiscent of another era.

Static Cling

Monograms, butterflies, hummingbirds, elephants… We have EVERYTHING!  If you prefer to avoid actual stickers, have us print=t your design as a static cling for temporary posting.  Easily installed and removed, these are great for holiday decorations.

Sun Catchers and Mobiles

We etch individual circles of glass to display as sun catchers in the garden either individually or as a mobile. They also make novel Christmas décor.


Trivets are created from metal using blacksmithing techniques or from etched, gilded, or slumped glass.

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