Everything we do began as a unique custom order at someone’s request. The items here are merely samples of what we have done before, to demonstrate capabilities. If you do not see your personal “wish”, please ask!

Antique Sign As Art

Using age-old methods such as real gold and silver, blended shades, mirroring, marbling, customized lettering, faux finishes, mother of pearl, and abalone shell, the signs of yesteryear have become collected treasures of today.  We can restore or create this unique form of decoration and communication.

Rocking Animals

We hand-craft rocking horses, of course, and dinosaurs, elephants, or giraffes. These wooden creatures are specifically weighted to be difficult to overturn when riding. We can adapt the basic pattern to become the child’s favorite animal and provide many delightful hours.


Our inventive and interactive marionettes, crafted from recaptured materials, stand about 4 feet tall.  We also create a variety of bean bag targets and other toys reminiscent of a by-gone era.

Pub Signs

Signs reminiscent of the gaming house from the turn of the century can be personalized to welcome friends and family into the home.  They often include mirrors, faux finishing or pictorials and other esoteric embellishments such as customized lettering, mother of pearl or abalone shell.

Personalized Gifts

We often decorate our customer’s possessions, using monograms, symbols, or logos to adorn a jewelry box, mailbox, or safe.  We can decorate with period artwork or we can paint a cabinet to look like a safe for esthetic purposes. Customers have brought us antiques from sewing machines to tricycles for gilded or hand-lettered initials, but monograms can also help to identify vehicles and briefcases, or grace the front of a photo album.


Plaques or wall hangings can be anything from gold leaf on glass to computerized vinyl. They can have inspirational quotes, pictorial renditions, favorite poetry, or …. We write poetry on demand. Possibilities are limited only by limitations on imagination.


Awards can be wood, glass, plastic, or metal -- flat or dimensional. They can be carved, routed, engraved, etched, gilded, and faux finished.  Design your own or let us create one for your event.


Mirrors make a room look larger.  In either silver or gold, they can be created plain, framed, and/or decorated.  They can contain a quote across the face; a single rose, a bevy of quail in one corner, a company logo … The possibilities are … endless!

Etched Glassware

Etching glass is a classic, permanent method of table decoration. Often monograms, names or a simple pictorial, they commonly represent celebrations, or anniversaries. The etching is dishwasher proof. Currently, we etch glassware, coasters and trivets for the dining table, with or without 23k gold decoration. 

Decorative Glass

Sometimes glass needs exceed the norm.  Too modern to be an antique? Too small to qualify as a room divider?  Is your wish not used as tableware but also not reminiscent of a “pub”? We create framed, pictorial artwork “painted” in gold and other metals, abalone and mother of pearl, or other esoteric arts. We also decorate glass with computer generated vinyl if that suits the need. Our small etched circles are used as suncatchers for the deck or garden as well as ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Fine Art Prints

Our personal portfolio includes over 700 artistic creations from the brush of John Findlater. We have many of these pieces available as prints and we can incorporate this artwork into items listed here, including but not limited to cutting boards and fine art jewelry.

Cutting Boards

These full color glass cutting boards feature hummingbirds, butterflies, a mischievous raccoon, a maternal buffalo, and many other examples of Findlater Studio fine art OR you can provide your own photograph.  Just consider the possibilities!

Fine Art Jewelry

Any photograph can be created as jewelry. Designed to display artwork, these pieces also work well for pictures of grandchildren, short motivational statements, or business or school logos. We (so far) produce them as pendants, earrings, and charm bracelets.

Address Signs

Address signs assist the fire department and other first responders in locating people who need them.  Reflective lettering is recommended for the address number to meet visibility standards. Some communities specify a specific color. We provide an inexpensive simplistic version or a dimensional representation, both of which meet local regulations.

Cabin & Home Signs

These property identification signs generally depict the name of your cabin, your family name, your house address, or perhaps artwork carved in relief. Most often, but not necessarily carved, routed, or sandblasted wood (or HDU), they can also be glass and decorated with paint, stain, or gold leaf. Additionally, included here are simple panels which fit over the doorbell button and caution the visitor not to wake the baby or upset the cat –or-- for businesses, signs presenting the hours (or non hours) of operation.

Christmas Décor

Our current Christmassy offerings include gilded statuary, etched tree trim, static cling or plastic window displays, and “angels” who watch over the household as Santa’s eyes and ears.  Tell us what you remember from your childhood; maybe we can recreate it together. Or tell us something you would like to see, and we will attempt to grant your wish.

Room Dividers

We manufacture customized decorative panels to suit individual needs:  Dividing space in a studio apartment, making the long hallway wall look like a bookshelf, separating individual offices without sacrificing natural light, or delineating a “Private Party” room in a restaurant.

Small Stuff


Decals, Labels, and Bumper Stickers


Key Chains


Motivational Signs


Note Cards

Static Cling


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