Smith Sign Studio traces its history through 8 generations, to wheelwrights, gilders, and sign shops in the late 1700s. The "Smith Sign Studio" name began in 1928 when Howard F. Smith decided he was ready for self employment. His son, Kent, is the current CEO of the company. While Howard concentrated on hand crafted signs and gilding, Kent broadened the scope to include electrical signs and expanded installation services as well as today's computerized full-color pictorials -- while still specializing in the antique arts.

All signs are custom fabricated for the individual customer. We can work from your preexisting designs, including modification for distance viewing, or we can take your preconceptions and design for you, including logos, to be used for other forms of advertising.


Dimensional Signs

Using one or more fabrication techniques of carving, routing and sandblasting, we create single panel signs with dimensional characteristics from wood, stone (or more durable faux substitutes) sometimes incorporating various metals. Choice of finishing includes various paint and stain finishes as well as gold leaf.

Fabricated Panels

Flat and dimensional pieces are combined with painted effects to create the desired result. 


We produce simple or complex graphics and lettering for window signage. Our favorite choices for materials are vinyl, hand painted or gold and silver leaf. We consult with our customers to find a style that fits the situation and the budget.

Individual Dimensional Letters

Much like a channel letter but not illuminated these letters can be supplied in any style or color. They can also be mounted to virtually any surface and are fabricated in wood, metals, or plastics.

Logo Design

Your logo is the signature of your business. It should be unique and reflect the personality of the operation. Once designed, a logo can be reproduced in a wide variety of ways, allowing for company growth and development. Over our company lifespan of 92 years, we have created effective and successful logos for an innumerable number of happy customers

Freestanding Signs

Any sign which is not attached to a structure but is engineered to stand by itself is considered freestanding.  A location away from the building generally lends itself to visibility. A freestanding sign can be as diverse as a simple panel, an electrical cabinet, or a gold leaf dimensional presence.


We design and apply lettering to all types of vehicles. Since this type of moving advertising requires a unique design approach, we can assist in the process to assure effective advertising.

Sign Package

This is a group of signs for a single customer OR a single location.   By maintaining specific design elements, it projects a consistent image to the public, still allowing for variation within the theme.

Painted Walls

Traditional forms of advertising where the graphics and message are hand painted directly on the wall of a building.

Wall Signs

Any sign that is attached to a structure, such as a building or a fence, is considered a wall sign. Whether electrical, hand crafted, or computer generated.  

Regulatory Signs

We are well versed in following governmental specifications for regulatory signs.

Glass Panels 

Most glass signs are produced to imitate a sign on a window or as a classic style shingle or advertising plate. Because of the natural surface and clarity of glass, more complex graphic elements as well as gold or other precious metal leaf are often utilized.

Historic Signs

In keeping with community initiatives to preserve historic signs, we enjoy restoring authenticity to these projects. With a degree in historical research Kent’s favorite projects fall within this venue.


Banner signs are typically used for temporary advertising or for installations at events. Our banners are made of appropriate cloth, vinyl and other fabrics for short or long-term uses.


The traditional display shocard is commonly referred to as a poster, one of the earliest signs created by our company and the then standard for most businesses. We still produce this type of advertising art.


Typically used for multi-tenant applications where all are identified or advertised in one cluster area.


Traditional neon signs can be made in many shapes and colors. We can incorporate most artwork and integrate logo colors as well as various sizes of neon tubing. Neon can be mounted on a sign unit or directly on many surfaces.


Freestanding signs that have additional trimming and elements to mask the engineered structure which enhances the overall appearance of the sign.

Channel Letters

Illuminated dimensional letters are custom fabricated to match logo styles or to meet specific message and advertising needs. Choices of illumination for either internal or shadow type are commonly neon or LED.

Change Copy

Also known as marquees or reader boards, these static lines of lettering or graphics allow the user to easily create and change various messages.


We also help to design a complete wayfinding package to ensure smooth navigation around a building or property. We also act as consultants during the architectural design phase to help with easy navigation early in the process.


An awning has become more than the traditional shelter from the elements. It can incorporate graphics, messages, and advertising while providing light for impact, legibility,  and safety.

Electric Cabinets

Electric Cabinet signs with graphics on plastic faces and illuminated with fluorescent or LED fixtures are the more affordable alternatives in lighted signs. These signs are also easily installed and just as easily serviced over their lifetime.

Donor Display

Usually created for nonprofit organizations, this type of display unusually honors those who have contributed to the well being of the organization.

Digital Message Centers

These computerized displays allow for a variety of options depicting information with unlimited graphic possibility. This type of sign allows for perpetual and timely updating, keeping your message current.

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