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Smith Sign Studio

Smith Sign Studio has only been serving customers for 4 generations (92 years), but we have traced the family history of gold leaf and lettering by hand 240 years back. Today, we design, fabricate, decorate, and install innovative solutions for the business needs of our customers.

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Wishes Fulfilled

From our imagination or yours, we create unique solutions to grant your graphic, decorative, and often practical “wishes.” With a rich entrepreneurial family history dating back to the 1700s, we draw from multiple crafts and artistic talents to develop the finished product from the initial concept of the request.

Artistic Skills

Smith Sign Studio

featured products

Wishes Fulfilled

featured products

Rocking Dinosaur

Giraffe, Horse, Elephant, or ???

Window or Booth Display

Fine Art Jewelry

also Custom Images

Cutting Board

RMNP Centennial + other artwork

Official Address Signs

Vertical or Horizontal

We are a family owned and family run operation, with 3 generations currently participating. The majority of the work for both “SIGNS” and “WISHES” is done in-house, by home grown artists. Occasionally, artistic family and friends, from outside the current staff, contribute work to the expanse of offerings.