Antique Restoration and Replication

Many traditional esoteric arts are considered antique because they were more common before the advent of computers. With considerable training in many of these fine crafts as well as a degree in historical research, Kent particularly enjoys rescuing or duplicating classical collectibles. Each restoration is unique. If you have an antique you wish to see restored, or if you are interested in something with this “look and feel”, contact us!

Gilding (all that glitters)

Nothing glistens like 23k gold! Kent Smith wrote the manual on “Gold Leaf Techniques” and teaches workshops throughout the USA and foreign countries. Having learned from his father, Kent has over 50 years experience gilding signs and fulfilling wishes. He can create a unique piece or simply use the longevity and elegance of gold to personalize beloved objects.

Mirroring in Silver or Gold

The ancient art of coating a glass surface with liquified silver, gold, or copper to create a reflective effect can be combined with other techniques for a truly interesting realization.

Carving Wood or Glass

We hand-carve or sand-carve glass, wood, or stone depicting texture, lettering, and/or artwork in relief. Whether done with knife and chisel or with an air compressor, this craft produces a unique dimensional rendition of the original conception.

CNC Routing

Our newest piece of computerized equipment will cut with programmed precision, producing a single unique item or precise duplicates up to  25 sq ft in a single piece.


With over 50 years of experience designing and creating graphics and logos to promote nearly every type of business, we are fully prepared to collaborate to communicate what you have in mind. We can also create a gift reflective of the intended recipient.


Writing is an art. Whether we are writing a book, a newspaper or magazine column, poetry, or marketing materials – each has its own aspects of the craft and both Kent and Judi enjoy the challenges presented.


We service, repair, and create neon whether for exterior advertising, interior graphics, or home decoration. We also have experience and capability in neon restoration.

Etching Glass

Chemical etching permanently cuts designs into the glass to create artwork with fine detail and levels of texture.

Hand Lettering

We can hand letter on almost any surface from simply putting a name on a briefcase to the company logo on a mirror or a wall.

Computer Aided Production

We use only high performance 3M vinyl rated for 5 to 7 years of exterior use. We have the capability to cut pre spaced letters or shapes or to print graphics up to 1200 dpi. Our computerized equipment can render detailed photographic reproduction that will virtually adhere to any surface.

Glue-chipped glasswork

A unique turn-of-the-century (1700s) can be created by applying glue to the surface of the glass. Originally used to mask the see-through quality, the glue can be directed to form patterns, letters, or graphics.

Faux Finishing

The use of paint to produce a visual effect simulating texture to look like brick, wood granite, tile, marble, granite, and many other patterns from the natural world.  The term is commonly used when making a surface look like something else entirely.

Electrical Signwork

For signwork ONLY, we both repair and create new electrical signs, including such things as lighted cabinets, backlighting, and electronic messaging. We also convert fluorescent lighting to use LED technology, a financial savings with ecological benefits.

Esoteric Embellishments

As an added bonus to fancy graphics common at the end of the 19th century (1800s), artists would add abalone, mother of pearl, or watch crystals, copper, palladium, and platinum foil  to the back of the glass. This enhanced the more prominent gold leaf, etching, glue chip, and faux finish to produce a truly spectacular display.

Metal Smithing

The strength of wrought iron can be used to display or support. Creating practical and decorative metal objects by forming pieces using traditional methods of blacksmithing, welding, and other metal arts. Different metals will yield very different effects for exterior or interior use. After construction, the finished product can be left traditional, painted, gilded, or otherwise decorated.


After first developing a unique prototype, we cast duplicate plaques or figurines in high density urethane that are then hand painted, gilded, or faux finished.


Glass pigments are applied to metal surfaces – then fired in an interactive kiln. While jewelry is the most popular rendition, other products often employ the same technique.

Fine Needlecraft

We do offer hand stitched needlework for the discerning individuals who want it. This consortium of crafts includes knitting, crocheting, macramé, and embroidery. We stock a few things created in our “spare” time, but most projects are custom designed to fill a wish. Fabrication takes time, but it never hurts to ask.

Painted Pictorials

We still create hand painted artwork in water color, oil, acrylic, etc. We also hand paint wall murals (interior and exterior) which can be as simple as a tree branch or as complicated as a landscape.


Artistic Skills


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