Artisan Skills

Reproduction and Restoration

With considerable training in esoteric crafts as well was historical research background, we enjoy recreating or duplicating classical collectibles. We use authentic materials and craftsmanship, appropriate to each project.

Painting by Hand

We still create hand painted artwork in water color, oil, acrylic, etc. We also hand paint wall murals (interior and exterior) which can be as simple as a tree branch or as complicated as a landscape.


We service, repair, and create neon whether for exterior advertising, graphics, or home decoration.


We do offer hand stitched needlework for the discerning individuals who want it. This consortium of crafts includes knitting, crocheting, macramé, and embroidery. We generally make an assortment of hats, scarves, gloves, bags, plant hangers, and a few odd things in our “spare” time. You can custom order but consider the 3-6 weeks fabrication time (depending on size) — so think ahead! It never hurts to ask. We’ll do what we can.


The art of coating a glass surface with liquified silver, gold, copper, etc. to create a reflective effect can be combined with other techniques to create artistic items for indoor or outdoor use.

Metal Smithing

We create practical and decorative metal objects by forming pieces using traditional methods of blacksmithing, welding, and other metal arts. Different methods will yield very different effects in items ranging from garden stands and brackets to photographic frames, trivets, and awards – for indoor or outdoor use. After construction, the finished product can be painted, gilded, or decorated in innumerable ways.

Hand Lettering

We can hand letter on almost any surface from simply putting a name on a briefcase to the company logo on a mirror or a wall.

Gilding (Gold Leaf or Silver, Copper, etc.)Write a catchy title...

Nothing glistens like 23k gold! Kent Smith wrote the manual on “Gold Leaf Techniques” and teaches workshops throughout the USA and foreign countries. He applies his talents for our studio, creating one of a kind projects, such as award plaques, name plates, fine art pieces, and decorating all types of items from ceramic of HDU statuary to jewelry boxes, antique sewing machines, mirrors of all types, etc. Let your imagination run wild!!

Glass Etching

Designs are permanently cut into the glass to create artwork with fine detail and levels of texture.


Glass crystals are applied to metal surfaces – then fired in a kiln.

Electrical Wiring

For signwork ONLY, we both repair and create new electrical signs, including such things as lighted cabinet signs, back-lit letters, electronic message centers, and channel letters. We use florescent, neon, or LED for appropriate illumination. Contact us for information.


With nearly 60 years experience designing and creating graphics and logos to promote nearly every type of business, we can provide consultation for effective advertising.


After first developing a unique prototype, we cast duplicate plaques or figurines in high density urethane that are then hand painted, gilded, or faux finished.

Antique Resoration

Many traditional esoteric arts are considered “antique” because they were more common before the advent of computers. We not only employ these fine crafts, but also teach classes in how to do them. Each restoration is unique. If you have an antique you wish to see restored to its full glory, it is best to contact us by email and include photographs if possible.


Whether it is magazine articles, books, catalogs, “copy”, or poetry – writing is an art. As well as the more usual, lengthier forms, we write poetry on demand. Be it a treasure hunt or poetry for a special occasion – give us a subject and we’ll see what we can do.

Carving or Blasting

We can hand carve or sand carve glass, wood, or stone depicting texture, lettering, and/or artwork in relief to produce a dimensional finished product. Whether we use a knife and chisel or an air compressor or both, each piece is unique.

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